Biography of Liuba María Hevia

Liuba María Hevia

Liuba María Hevia, (Havana, Cuba, December 14, 1964), composer and singer par excellence, is one of the highest representatives in Cuban contemporary culture.

She is part of the Cuban musical movement called “La Nueva Trova” (New Cuban Verse) since 1982. Liuba is close to legendary Cuban outstanding troubadours as Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés with whom she shared discographies works.

As Polito Ibáñez, Gema and Pavel, Raúl Torres, the duet Cachivache and the trio En Serie, among others, Liuba won popularity in Cuba on the nineties. She is part of a search event and splendor of Cuban troubadour poetry songs.  Her first song record, “Coloreando la esperanza” ("Coloring the hope"), shows a contemporary look to rural music from her unavoidable troubadour condition.

Her songs are distinguished by a poetic high level and beauty; melodic, rhythmic and thematic variety. In her compositions appear Cuban genres that shape her sonorous world, among them the free song, the peasant song, the son, the Habanera and the danzón.

In 1990 Liuba created a musical accompanying Group. Her ensemble is characterized by classic strings as the cello and the violin; the tres (popular music instrument of three cords) and the lute, instruments associated to popular music and to rural folklore as well as the percussions and the guitars in their forms and more varied sounds, together to the unmistakable color of her voice, offer a very personal touch of her work.

The concerts Liuba offers are shows of exquisite sensibility, in which overflows her great communication power with the spectator. In them she also approaches us to musical diverse genres, with her versions of the traditional Cuban Trova, of tangos, milongas, ballenatos… as well as artistic outstanding manifestations of theater, contemporary dance and plastic arts.

As well as in her multiple award winning video clips and cartoons, in the designs of her discography works we can see a result according with her artistic singular personality. Without compromising herself with "the latest fashion music", she achieves a finished contemporary and novel in each proposal.

So far Liuba counts with more than a dozen musical records. In those works it is admirable how we feel her amazing search necessity; Liuba knows how to assume always something new and original without renouncing to be herself in her musical devotion.

Numerous prizes and recognitions have been granted to her by diverse institutions. With only 31 years old she received the Award of Cuban National Cultural, maximum award granted to the artists that offer significant contributions to Cuban culture.

In 2012 UNICEF appointed Liuba a Goodwill ambassador for her devoted and sustained social work with children. Her work with Cuban kids is not only in theatres but as well as in suburbs and children hospitals all over Cuba. She sings for the kids not only her personal repertoire but songs of the poet and troubadour Ada Elba Pérez (Sancti Spiritus, September 20, 1961 – Havana, July 14, 1992). Liuba also sings songs of Teresita Fernandez “The Cuban minstrel” (Santa Clara, December 20,1930) as well as classic children songs from Hispano-American.

Liuba Maria’s music is well known in different countries all over the world like Bolivia, Canada, Dominic Republic, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Spain, Angola, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia,and Nicaragua.

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